This is where you come in - we can’t start this party without you!

  1. Check to see if your date is available.

  2. Send us an inquiry!
    NOTE: Even if we aren’t available, send us an email. We can give you referrals for our favorite photographers that aren’t us. 😘

  3. We will respond to you within 48 hours of receiving your inquiry. We’re pretty fast to respond, but if it’s Saturday, we’re likely shooting a wedding.
    In the meantime, view full galleries of real weddings!

  4. We’ll set up a time to meet in person over a drink or two to get to know you both, discuss your vision for your wedding, answer any questions you have, schedule your engagement session, and fill you in on what to expect after you book.
    P.S. We’re hella fun. Don’t believe us? Watch this video of us celebrating Nicole’s wedding in Mexico. 👇 See us on the dance floor at the baller weddings we shoot on Instagram. 👉


Photos by Black Coffee Photo Co.
Video by Gold Hairpin Films


we are way more than photographers.

Here are several ways we have put out fires on wedding days:

- sewed a bra pad back into the bride’s dress without her ever knowing it was broken
(RULE #1: don’t stress out the bride on the wedding day. Fix it and laugh at it later.)
- reapplied eyelash glue
- curled hair
- re-iced a melting cake
- arranged for a tailor to fix a suit an hour before the ceremony began
- lit a reception when the power went out
- had enough umbrellas for the entire wedding party when unexpected rain happened
- turned on lanterns and lit candles moments before guests entered the reception venue
- applied makeup when a makeup artist didn’t show up
- tied approximately 247.5 ties on groomsmen
- sewed on buttons
- attached more boutonnieres to suit jackets than we can count
*basically, we make sure the groomsmen have their shit together*