Leigha & Kelly | The Vox KC Wedding

June 17, 2017

Venue: Vox Theatre
Makeup: Melanie Findley
Hair: Desiree Phillips Strecker
Catering/Cake/Florist: Price Chopper
DJ: Marc O'Leary

There was a very strong thunderstorm that rolled through and knocked out the power around 9:30 pm. The power never came back on.

The party still carried on - we used our flashes and an ice light to capture the father/daughter and the mother/son dances, which were played on a Bluetooth speaker.
During the mother/son dance, Kelly and his mom, Kathy, danced to Van Morrison's "Days Like This". As a surprise to their mom, Kelly teamed up with his sister Keri, who played the saxophone solo in the song. There were not many dry eyes in the room (fortunately, it was dark), ours included.