BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR? An engagement session quandary answered

Does your upcoming engagement session have you clueless? Do you think we would just leave you hanging?


We’re here to help you pick your most capable outfits.

First, let’s address some common “fashion victim” crimes.

Fashion Crime #1: Not Dressing For The season

Would you wear a sundress in the snow? A parka at the beach? No! So why would you dress in a way that doesn’t make sense for your engagement session?
If you’re getting married in the spring and you schedule your engagement photos in the winter, a light sundress wouldn’t make sense in the snow.
Save the dates are typically sent out 8 months before your wedding. You can take your photos right around that time or schedule them in advance to line up with the seasons you’re envisioning.
We always recommend going with seasonal colors and patterns. If fashion isn’t your forte, we highly suggest using a styling service:
Ladybird Styling Lab
Style A La Mode

Fashion Crime #2 : Mismatched Tones + Patterns

Do you ever see a person walking down the street and you’re just like, “DANG, they are so on point with their outfit today!!”?
Chances are, that person had a lovely balanced mix of patterns and tones!
Some of you are nodding your head in understanding, some of you are confused. Here’s what I mean by the perfect balance:

Ann rocked this fur coat with her burnt orange dress and chunky heels.
All of the colors flow so well together and give off a chic 70s vibe.

When choosing patterns, it’s best for one person to wear a pattern that coordinates with the other person. You can’t beat a classic dark blue and charcoal gray combo.

The navy blue of Taylor’s suit with the maroon of MacKenzie’s dress go perfectly together, along with the lace texture pop flowing with Taylor’s more simple textures.

Another perfect example of a pattern with a solid. Kaitlin & Cooper’s outfits look great together because it’s not too busy, but still showcasing their personalities.


First things first, fashion fads come and go. Remember in 2008 when we all thought it was super cool to wax our eyebrows to basically nothing? Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well for us. (shameless plug - tired of filling in your brows? Check out The Tinted Room)
Don’t do something for your session just because it’s popular now, unless you’re going for that “Holy shit Mom, you really dressed like this?!” moment when your kid finds your engagement photos a couple decades from now.
On this same line, don’t be someone you aren’t! You don’t want to see a stranger in your engagement photos. Pick outfits and help us guide you with locations that really showcase who you and your boo are as a couple.

Kayley packed this rug that Sam brought back from serving in the Middle East, which is super sentimental to them. She was worried it was weird to bring- UM NO! WE LOVE IT. (Also notice how perfectly their outfits coordinate with said rug?)

Rachel & Jordan are big Iowa State fans. They met at Power & Light during the Big 12 Tournament and went to Pizza Bar for their first date, so they wore some team swag and ate pizza together. So adorable. So uniquely them.

Shweta and Nick wanted to include outfits that honor the merging of their cultural traditions. The bright, bold colors of Shweta’s outfit from India pair well with the neutral Nick is wearing. Bonus points for the fun background to bring it all together!

Faryle and Jared are brewery aficionados (they gifted customized pint glasses to their wedding guests). Naturally, we had to grab a beer for their engagement session.



  1. Don’t wear uncomfortable shit. You will look uncomfortable.

  2. Do your wedding trial the day of your engagement session so your makeup looks BOMB AF (Especially if you hired someone from our Dream Team Vendors List)

  3. Don’t be afraid to dress up!

  4. Ask us what we think. We will be honest!

  5. Nervous? Let’s start your session with a drink at your favorite bar or coffee shop. It’s the perfect way for us to get candid photos of you, and to give you time to loosen up for the camera.

  6. What is your relationship actually like? Where do you hang out? Whether it’s the latest bar, the movies or your couch, we want to capture that! In ten years you may not be in the same house, or even the same city- so let’s make your engagement session a time capsule of the beginning of your life together.