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Oh hello there!

We are two normal humans who happened upon careers in photography and teamed up to make some magic happen. Pretty sure this is the part where everyone says, “we like pizza and dogs!”, which don’t get us wrong, we’re all about that life, but real talk - we love our clients so damn much. We arrive early, we stay late, we dance, we eat cake. We treat you like lifelong friends so you feel comfortable with us and in front of our cameras with silly prompts and dad jokes. We're here to keep it  💯. We got you, boo.


real talk

If you are bargain shopping for wedding photography, we can’t compete. There are hundreds of photographers with lower prices than us. But if you want the best in service and quality, if you want to be completely taken care of every step of the way, and you want gorgeous pictures that truly represent your love hanging on your wall and in an heirloom album to share for generations to come, we’re your girls.




Adri (Ay-Dree)

Adri hails from Liberty, Missouri. She went to college at Mizzou for two years before deciding college was not what she envisioned for herself. Through a part-time job at Thou Mayest and many cold-call emails, she found a mentorship and met amazing photographers who taught her about the craft and helped her start her own photography business. She has second shot for over 50 different photographers in the Midwest, and is the Mayor of Kansas City’s photographer.


NICOLE (This one’s easy- NI-KOHL)

Nicole grew up in Moberly, Missouri (one of those small towns where the best thing to do on a Friday night is walk around Walmart) and went to college in Chicago, Illinois. Ironically, Nicole & Adri have similar stories. After attending for one year, she realized college was expensive AF and dropped out to become a photographer the Mike Rowe way: free labor. She held countless coffees and reflectors, second shot weddings for other photographers, and eventually moved to Kansas City after getting a job at Target Portrait Studio making minimum wage. Slowly she got her own weddings and family sessions, and worked for a couple studios around KC. Finally in 2013 she launched Nicole Bissey Photography full time, and after meeting Adri at Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters in 2016, Black Coffee Photo Co was born.



As stated before, Adri and Nicole met at Thou Mayest in 2016. Nicole hired Adri to second shoot a wedding with her, and the day went so smoothly she decided to talk to her about possibly partnering up. Adri was on board, and over several glasses of wine at KC Wineworks, the name Black Coffee Photo Co came to life.

Nicole & Adri have shot over 25 weddings together in their first full calendar year of business, and have the process down to a science. Their weaknesses and strengths flow together perfectly- as the saying goes, two is better than one!