Kansas City & Destination Wedding Photography

Oh, hello there!


We are two normal humans who happened upon careers in photography and teamed up to make some magic happen. Pretty sure this is the part where everyone says, “we like pizza and dogs!”, which don’t get us wrong, we’re all about that life, but real talk - we love our clients so damn much. We arrive early, we stay late, we dance, we eat cake. We treat you like lifelong friends so you feel comfortable with us and in front of our cameras with silly prompts and dad jokes. We're here to keep it  💯. We got you, boo.


real talk

If you are bargain shopping for wedding photography, we can’t compete. There are hundreds of photographers with lower prices than us. But if you want the best in service and quality, if you want to be completely taken care of every step of the way, and you want gorgeous pictures that truly represent your love hanging on your wall and in an heirloom album to share for generations to come, we’re your girls.

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Adri (Ay-Dree, like adrian without the ‘an’)

Adri is the Leslie Knope of photography. She makes the best cookies you will ever have, she’s a magician with all things organization (you’ll see the dry erase grid tape and sticky notes when you swing by the studio), and she can’t go anywhere in shorts without 8 people asking to take a photo of her badass Harry Potter tattoo.

Why you’ll love Adri:
She’s a hype girl. She’ll make you feel your best, she’ll fix all the problems without you even knowing there was a problem, and she’ll catch your best friend wiping a tear or your mom kissing your cheek.


NICOLE (This one’s easy- NI-KOHL)

Nicole has been a photographer for a decade and is extremely experienced in all things wedding. When she isn’t shooting weddings, she’s flying all over the world traveling and photographing bands. She’s the “whimsy artist” of the partnership.

Why you’ll love Nicole:
She notices the details, like if your necklace is slightly off or your boutonnière is crooked. She’s also very kind, and loves to surprise clients with small touches and simple gestures. Her superpower is diffusing tense and stressful situations.



Adri and Nicole met at Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters in 2016 - Adri introduced herself and told Nicole they should work together sometime. After a handful of weddings second shooting for each other, it became an easy decision to merge the wedding side of the individual companies into a wedding photography (and now videography) powerhouse duo magic-making team.

Where does the name Black Coffee Photo Co. come from? Over several glasses of wine at KC Wineworks, Adri and Nicole were talking about their clients and how they interact - realizing that every part of what they do revolves around coffee, from consultations at coffee shops or in the studio, editing days, wedding days - and the fact that they met at a coffee shop - it was weird enough to have to think about it twice and remember the name.