Oh hello there!

We are two normal humans who happened upon careers in photography and teamed up to make some magic happen. Pretty sure this is the part where everyone says, β€œwe like pizza and dogs!”, which don’t get us wrong, we’re all about that life, but real talk - we love our clients so damn much. We arrive early, we stay late, we dance, we eat cake. We treat you like lifelong friends so you feel comfortable with us and in front of our cameras with silly prompts and dad jokes. We're here to keep it  πŸ’―. We got you, boo.


real talk

If you are bargain shopping for wedding photography, we can’t compete. There are hundreds of photographers with lower prices than us. But if you want the best in service and quality, if you want to be completely taken care of every step of the way, and you want gorgeous pictures that truly represent your love hanging on your wall and in an heirloom album to share for generations to come, we’re your girls.


Why Nicole loves working with Adri

  1. Adri makes the best margarita this side of the Mississippi (and the other side, actually)

  2. She’s organized AF

  3. She pushes me to fill all 3 circles on my Apple Watch

  4. Her hair and eyebrows are always ridiculously on point, which I have a love/hate relationship with

  5. She’ll take me to spin class but is also totally down to eat Chipotle by the pound after

  6. She is dedicated to giving our clients the best possible experience

  7. She gets genuinely excited about great shots and is constantly striving for better

Why Adri loves working with Nicole

  1. She dropped out of photography school to become a photographer

  2. She is the perfect mixture of creative and spontaneous while focused and driven

  3. She always has a perfect manicure to match her Ladybird-styled outfit

  4. She once met an author of one of her favorite books, which actually ruined the book for her

  5. She’ll get me to run on a treadmill but will also casually special order an entire cake for us to share

  6. She’s the only person I know with the same shoe size as me

  7. Her priority besides capturing magical photos is making sure everyone is having a fun wedding day experience