Meet Your Photographers

Oh, hello there! 

This is us:


Nicole Bissey-Aurand

"ni-KOHL" (this one isn't complicated)

Nicole threw a surprise wedding in her back yard. You read that right. Over the last year, she bought a house, adopted a dog, and threw a housewarming party that was actually her wedding. 

Favorite food: doughnuts
Dream destination to shoot a wedding: Kyoto, Japan
Favorite part of wedding days: when the bride's father sees her for the first time.

Adri Guyer

"Ay-dree" (nope, it's not short for Adrian)

Adri is a baseball person. When she and her brother were teenagers, they made a bet that if and when the Royals win the World Series, they would get matching tattoos. They now have matching Royals tattoos.

Favorite food: ice cream (the struggle is real)
Dream destination to shoot a wedding: Santorini, Greece
Favorite part of wedding days: grandpas on the dance floor

Together, we have 11 years of experience shooting weddings.

If the name of this company didn't give it away already, we really like coffee.
Everything we do revolves around it - from meeting clients for coffee, to consuming coffee to power through wedding days and editing days - coffee is how we make the magic happen.

We're still trying to piece together exactly how we met - we know for sure it was at Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters (naturally).